Love isn’t Rude

Before Paula and I were married we were talking about where to go on our honeymoon.   I was surprised where she wanted to go – Disney Word.   It sounded good to me and that’s where we went and had a wonderful time.

Back then (in 1979) they only had one park, the Magic Kingdom.  There was no Epcot, Disney Studio, or Animal Kingdom and the attractions weren’t available for a single price.    Your entrance fee secured a specific number of tickets and you could purchase more if you wanted them.

We enjoyed it so much that we have taken our family there several times through the years.  The reason I like to return is more than the attractions and rides.   In fact, Six Flags has better rides and roller coasters than Disney.   However, Disney does one thing better than any other theme park or entertainment industry – customer service. 

There are two observations I’ve made that characterize the way they treat people and do their jobs: excellence and consideration.   Everything they do is first class and they have trained their people to be incredibly considerate.  In my opinion, no one does it better.

As a boy and teenager I went to Six Flags over Georgia frequently with my father during the summer as he took different groups with his bus business.   We always had a great time and I enjoyed spending time with my Dad and my friends.

I noticed through the years that the average employee at Six Flags did the bare minimum, was indifferent, and some were even rude.   You are probably wondering where I am headed with all of this (honestly I’m not trying to bash Six Flags, there were exceptions), but I’m trying to make a point.    It is very relevant to a biblical description of what it means to love people so they will know it.

The most loving, considerate place in the world ought to be a Christian home with the local church right behind it.    Sadly, that is the exception rather than the rule.   Many homes are characterized by inconsideration and selfishness.   Many churches are friendly, but not a place where you can make friends (there is a difference).   The warmth stops after the greeting at the front door. 

One of the most considerate and gracious men I have ever known, Price Harris.

One of the most considerate and gracious men I have ever known, Price Harris.

The bible says, “Charity…doth not behave itself unseemly…”   (I Corinthians 13:5).    That simply means that love is not rude, but considerate.   This is so simple, but so important and communicates powerfully to those around us.

True love is not a feeling, but an action; it is not a noun, but a verb.   The verse above uses the word “behave” in describing love.   When I care about someone it is seen in my behavior.   It is measurable.

The word “unseemly” means “that which is improper or unbecoming”.   Love is not rude, but considerate.   Rudeness and inconsideration are both related; where you will find one you will find the other.

This will be the theme in the next few posts, what it means to be considerate and how to develop consideration.   It is important if we want to reflect Christ’s heart and have others know that we truly love them.

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Pastor of Friendship Baptist Church in Huntsville, Alabama. Married for 41 years with seven children and nine grandchildren.
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