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Love Stays the Course Even When It is Difficult

Robertson McQuilkin was the president of Columbia Bible College and enjoyed a very successful and effective ministry.   After being married almost forty years, his wife began to forget things.    Tests were run and it was discovered that she had Alzheimer’s … Continue reading

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Love Believes for the Best When It Seems Impossible

It is difficult for me to be close relationally to a pessimist.   In fact, I don’t know how anyone would want to hang around with a negative person for a long time (unless it was another pessimist!). Once I was … Continue reading

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Love Trusts Even When Disappointed

I’m 55 years old now and have been in ministry since 1977.     When I began I was raw, sincere, stupid, naive and had a heart filled with love for God and people.   Thirty-six years later I’m not naive, … Continue reading

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Love is Quiet When It Could Hurt Others

There are times that you have been loved and never knew it.   It wasn’t because of what someone did or said, but rather what they didn’t do or say.  Love is not always noticed; in fact, sometimes it is silent.    … Continue reading

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Love is Strong

As a boy and teenager I understand very much what it meant to be loved.   I was blessed with two wonderful parents that never offered me anything but unconditional love.   But I knew very little about what it meant to … Continue reading

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Love Thinks What is Right

I have friends that perhaps would not consider me to be their friend.   It is possible to be a friend to one that is not a friend to you. When Judas approached Jesus to betray Him, our Lord addressed him … Continue reading

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Love Says What is Right

When I was in Bible college I had a required course called homiletics.    The purpose of the class was to teach us how to prepare and deliver sermons.    Each semester every student in class had to preach to the class … Continue reading

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Love Does What is Right

When I have a disagreement with Paula and our fellowship is broken at some point I will know that I ought to go and apologize and make things right.   I wish it weren’t so, but most of the time I … Continue reading

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Love is Based on Truth

I do a lot of marriage counseling.   Sadly, most of it is not preventive, but rather involves restoring hope and dealing with hurts that need to be forgiven.   It’s true, people spend a disproportionate amount of time on their wedding … Continue reading

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