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Things that Strengthened Our Marriage – Removing Pressure to Conform to My Schedule

When we had been married just over a year I learned a valuable lesson.   I was working at a church as a Youth Pastor and our home was about fifty yards away from the church.   Both of us were working … Continue reading

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Success and Joy

A friend’s mother had been very ill for a long while and we knew her death was imminent.   She was a faithful Christian and loved the Lord and her family.   I always enjoyed visiting with her because she was so … Continue reading

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Best Friends Care for Each Other

It was late at night, around 10 p.m., and our doorbell rang.   I’m still up at that time of night, but rarely have visits at that time unless it is a family member.   After turning the porch light on and … Continue reading

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How to Overcome a Bitter Spirit

How does a person know they are bitter?    Most people do not think they are because they call it other names – disappointed, hurt, unmet expectations.   An operational definition I use for bitterness is “harbored hurt”.   If not dealt with … Continue reading

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Unreasonable Expectations Produce Angry Children

We aren’t left clueless as to how to train our children.  It’s not left to guesswork or trying out several approaches until we latch on to something that works.    The best manual on parenting is the Bible, written by the … Continue reading

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Love isn’t Happy When Others Have Problems

When I was a Youth Pastor many years ago I had a family in our youth ministry that didn’t like Paula or myself.   The father and mother opposed most of what we were trying to accomplish with the young people.   … Continue reading

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Focusing on Intentions

One of the ways I know that I genuinely love someone is the way I think about them.   The Bible states that love “thinketh no evil” (I Corinthians 13:5).   This means that I do not keep track of wrongs or … Continue reading

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