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The Importance of Making Good Decisions

I was sitting in the stands behind the backstop watching my sons at baseball practice one Saturday morning and couldn’t help but notice a sad scene play out before me. There wasn’t much practice going on because the coach was … Continue reading

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Making Personal Changes for Your Family

In the first months after I was married I became irritated at Paula.    She was habitually late for appointments.   It centered around her getting ready; I had no idea how much of a process putting makeup on involved! Especially frustrating … Continue reading

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The Importance of Obedience in Parenting

Have you ever considered in detail the different ways your parents positively influenced your life?    I think it’s a good exercise that encourages us to develop a deeper sense of gratitude for them and to be able to know how … Continue reading

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Severe Discipline Produces Angry Children

I coached Little League baseball for over twenty years and enjoyed it very much.    For me, it was about much more than just winning games, but influencing young people.   Every week I produced a newsletter for them and at … Continue reading

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Unreasonable Expectations Produce Angry Children

We aren’t left clueless as to how to train our children.  It’s not left to guesswork or trying out several approaches until we latch on to something that works.    The best manual on parenting is the Bible, written by the … Continue reading

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Love Thinks What is Right

I have friends that perhaps would not consider me to be their friend.   It is possible to be a friend to one that is not a friend to you. When Judas approached Jesus to betray Him, our Lord addressed him … Continue reading

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Love Involves Thinking

I have always felt deeply and loved deeply.    Loving is the greatest joy and the greatest sorrow, both at the same time.   Those that love deeply hurt deeply when those whom they care about are going through sorrow and pain.   … Continue reading

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Six Keys to Effective Discipline of Children

One of the reasons that discipline is not effective is that we tend to pattern the way we discipline our children after the way we were (or were not) disciplined by our parents. For example, if your parents provided balanced … Continue reading

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Three Reasons to Discipline Your Children

I have learned that motivation is necessary to accomplish a worthy goal.   So, in my teaching and preaching one of the areas I always include has to do with why we should or should not do things.   To simply exhort … Continue reading

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How to Be a Successful Parent – Importance of Discipline

One of the fundamental ingredients in successfully parenting your children is that you would discipline them.   This has been a hot button topic for many years with all sorts of opinions.   However, this subject is not treated lightly in the … Continue reading

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