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Friends Give Gifts to Each Other

A healthy marriage is one where the two are friends.  When a husband and wife lose the elements of friendship, the relationship struggles and becomes dutiful.  This is a dangerous place to be.  The benefit of having a Christian home … Continue reading

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Success Requires Knowing What is Most Important

I love pictures.   My wife sometimes tells the kids, “Your Dad loves pictures more than anyone I know”.   I enjoy beautiful pictures of sunsets and things God made, they remind me of His wisdom and power.   If you looked at … Continue reading

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Love Sacrifices for Others

Love is never mediocre, but extreme.    It is willing to pay the greatest cost and carry the heaviest burdens – without anyone ever knowing about it.    If there is no sacrifice, there is no love. That’s why many bail out … Continue reading

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Love is Unselfish

My upbringing was very simple.   We were very common people.  Our clothing was simple…our house was simple…our car was simple.    I never thought anything about it until I got older and had my own family about the simplicity of my … Continue reading

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Things I Learned from My Mom – Generosity

As I have grown older I am more grateful for my parents.   They are more wise and far more sacrificial than I ever realized as a youngster.    Perspective will do that for you.   So will raising your own children. God … Continue reading

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