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Secret of a Strong Marriage

The strength of a structure is determined by it’s foundation.   The higher the structure, the deeper the foundation.    The foundation is hidden and unseen, but it is crucial to the strength and longevity of whatever is built on top of … Continue reading

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The Importance of Gratitude in Parenting

Last night after church I received a text message on my phone.   It was from my son-in-law, Bryan Webster.   A year ago he and Ashley moved to Houston to start his career as a firefighter.   We miss them terribly, but … Continue reading

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Love Believes for the Best When It Seems Impossible

It is difficult for me to be close relationally to a pessimist.   In fact, I don’t know how anyone would want to hang around with a negative person for a long time (unless it was another pessimist!). Once I was … Continue reading

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When Someone You Love Finally Comes Home

I love stories and movies with good endings.    The parable (short story) that Jesus gave about a son leaving and returning home has both a warm, happy ending and one that is sad (Luke 15:11-32). When the rebellious son finally … Continue reading

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Fifty Years of Marriage

My parents were married on December 6, 1956.   We had a reception for them to honor them to honor them on their 50th wedding anniversary in December, 2006.   I’m so glad we were able to do it because my Dad … Continue reading

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Things I Learned from My Mom – Perseverance

We learn far more from the actions of people rather than their words.   My mother’s life was a sermon to me and it was a good sermon, one that impacted my life to this day.   One lesson I learned from … Continue reading

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