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Making Personal Changes for Your Family

In the first months after I was married I became irritated at Paula.    She was habitually late for appointments.   It centered around her getting ready; I had no idea how much of a process putting makeup on involved! Especially frustrating … Continue reading

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A Man’s Relationship with God

I became a Christian on February 18, 1968 when I put my faith in Christ and what He had done for me in my place on the cross.   My life changed as much as a nine year old boy could … Continue reading

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When Someone You Love Finally Comes Home

I love stories and movies with good endings.    The parable (short story) that Jesus gave about a son leaving and returning home has both a warm, happy ending and one that is sad (Luke 15:11-32). When the rebellious son finally … Continue reading

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How to Return Home to People You Have Hurt

When returning to a relationship that has been hurt by your sin it is crucial that you do so in a correct manner.    There is much more to it than just saying, “I’m sorry” to those you have disappointed and … Continue reading

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Things I Learned from My Mom – The Solution to My Greatest Need

This is without question the most important truth I ever learned from my Mom.   I had heard my pastor and many other preachers say the same thing, but it didn’t hit it’s mark in my heart until Mom said it.  … Continue reading

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Seven Key Influences in the Life of a Child – Jesus Christ

I have given six influences that are vital to impacting your child for his good.   I saved the best for last.    The greatest influence in the life of a person is Jesus Christ.   I am referring to a personal relationship … Continue reading

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