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Making Personal Changes for Your Family

In the first months after I was married I became irritated at Paula.    She was habitually late for appointments.   It centered around her getting ready; I had no idea how much of a process putting makeup on involved! Especially frustrating … Continue reading

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Living on Purpose

This past Sunday was a tough one for me at church.   I’ve been working with our teenagers for a couple of years teaching them and two of my children are in that Bible study.   Our promotion day for the different … Continue reading

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Love Thinks What is Right

I have friends that perhaps would not consider me to be their friend.   It is possible to be a friend to one that is not a friend to you. When Judas approached Jesus to betray Him, our Lord addressed him … Continue reading

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Love Rejoices in the Good

Recently I was talking to a friend and he was sharing with me that he wanted to have a pure heart and didn’t like the things he found himself thinking at times.    He asked me if I understood where he … Continue reading

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Serving Difficult People

One Sunday Paula and I were arriving home from church and not only was I tired, but my mind was full of the events that had happened during the day.    We pulled up in the driveway  and I grabbed my … Continue reading

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Focusing on My Indebtedness

Those at our church have often heard me speak highly of my father.   My dad was my hero.   He is the best man I have ever known.   When I was married I asked him to be my best man.   When … Continue reading

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Negative Thinking about People You Love

A person is bitter or happy depending upon what they think about.  Bitter people rehearse resentments; happy people rehearse blessings.    The same is true about love.    The reality and depth of your love is related to your thought life.   The … Continue reading

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