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Secret of a Strong Marriage

The strength of a structure is determined by it’s foundation.   The higher the structure, the deeper the foundation.    The foundation is hidden and unseen, but it is crucial to the strength and longevity of whatever is built on top of … Continue reading

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Love Thinks What is Right

I have friends that perhaps would not consider me to be their friend.   It is possible to be a friend to one that is not a friend to you. When Judas approached Jesus to betray Him, our Lord addressed him … Continue reading

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Love Says What is Right

When I was in Bible college I had a required course called homiletics.    The purpose of the class was to teach us how to prepare and deliver sermons.    Each semester every student in class had to preach to the class … Continue reading

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Love Does What is Right

When I have a disagreement with Paula and our fellowship is broken at some point I will know that I ought to go and apologize and make things right.   I wish it weren’t so, but most of the time I … Continue reading

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Love is Based on Truth

I do a lot of marriage counseling.   Sadly, most of it is not preventive, but rather involves restoring hope and dealing with hurts that need to be forgiven.   It’s true, people spend a disproportionate amount of time on their wedding … Continue reading

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