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Mistakes I Made in My Marriage – Parsing Her Words

Years ago I was driving through Chattanooga, Tennessee listening to one of my favorite preachers, Adrian Rogers.   He was telling a story about him and his wife when they had a disagreement. In the middle of their “discussion” Joyce, his … Continue reading

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How to Overcome a Bitter Spirit

How does a person know they are bitter?    Most people do not think they are because they call it other names – disappointed, hurt, unmet expectations.   An operational definition I use for bitterness is “harbored hurt”.   If not dealt with … Continue reading

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Bitterness Destroys Families

I have counseled hundreds of couples regarding problems in their marriages.   Without question the number one issue over all others at the root of their difficulties is bitterness.    It isn’t even close to other primary causes (finances, in-law conflicts, sexual … Continue reading

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Bitterness, a Prelude to other Troubles

Have you ever sat in a restaurant while waiting for your meal and taken note of those around you?    I’m especially fascinated by the dynamic of couples and how they tend to change as they grow older.   You see it … Continue reading

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Handling Personal Hurts

We cannot go through life without being hurt and disappointed.   Jesus said, “…It is impossible but that offences will come”.   (Luke 17:1) It is foolish to think we will never be offended – or offend others.   Because our hearts have … Continue reading

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Unreasonable Expectations Produce Angry Children

We aren’t left clueless as to how to train our children.  It’s not left to guesswork or trying out several approaches until we latch on to something that works.    The best manual on parenting is the Bible, written by the … Continue reading

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Serving Difficult People

One Sunday Paula and I were arriving home from church and not only was I tired, but my mind was full of the events that had happened during the day.    We pulled up in the driveway  and I grabbed my … Continue reading

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Focusing on My Indebtedness

Those at our church have often heard me speak highly of my father.   My dad was my hero.   He is the best man I have ever known.   When I was married I asked him to be my best man.   When … Continue reading

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Love isn’t Easily Offended

Most of the time when I speak at our church it is after special music by a soloist or a group.   Many years ago someone sang a song that I had never heard before.   I love music and it has … Continue reading

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Who Aggravates You?

I greatly enjoyed my years in college, but my third year (which was the last year I was in the dorm) was trying.   It wasn’t the classes, they were some of my best.   My challenge was a person.  We had … Continue reading

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