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Focusing on My Needs Rather than Your Wrongs

A self-righteous person is not a loving person.   Yet, that is the normal attitude in all of our hearts apart from a work of God’s grace in us.    The place where we condemn others and excuse ourselves is in our … Continue reading

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Broken Over Pride

It is a humbling thing to own up to failure and sin.    Pride resists admitting to wrong-doing.   It defends and excuses it.    When I act from my pride I not only do not love my family or those around me, … Continue reading

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How to Be a Successful Parent – Treasure Your Children

Being an effective parent begins with how you view your children.   I believe that if we would influence our children we must treasure them – and they will know if we do or not. Many children today feel like an … Continue reading

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Focus Determines Legacy

What causes children to reject the faith of their parents?   In previous posts I have given three primary reasons – a poor example from the parents, a lack of teaching about God from their life message, and a focus … Continue reading

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A Meaningful Legacy is Heart Work

It is possible to leave a legacy that honors the Lord and benefits society.   To do so is not haphazard, but the byproduct of incorporating three essential behaviors in your parenting.   These are given to us in the Bible and … Continue reading

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