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Depressed Leaders

About fifteen years ago I was riding with a well-known Christian leader.    It was a long trip and we had an opportunity to talk about a lot of subjects.   My friend was fifteen years older than me and had more … Continue reading

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Complaining Leaders

I was picking up a friend visiting our area at his hotel to take him to lunch.   Just before leaving his room he had to make a quick phone call to a mutual friend of ours. He made the call … Continue reading

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Parenting that Leaves a Positive Influence

When I was a Youth Pastor in Virginia in the early 80’s I had two sharp young men in our ministry.   They were respectful, attentive, interested in spiritual matters, and were balanced in both academics and sports.   I was intrigued … Continue reading

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How to Overcome a Bitter Spirit

How does a person know they are bitter?    Most people do not think they are because they call it other names – disappointed, hurt, unmet expectations.   An operational definition I use for bitterness is “harbored hurt”.   If not dealt with … Continue reading

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A Man and His Influence

One of the most important responsibilities I have as a pastor is pre-marital counseling.   It is time-consuming, but a task I take seriously.    Someone wisely said, “Most couples spend more time on the wedding than they do their marriage”.    When … Continue reading

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The Power of a Personal Greeting

When I was fourteen years old we had a guest speaker at our church for a youth banquet.  I met him before the event and we talked briefly.   He was very friendly and gracious.   After it was over I told … Continue reading

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Love isn’t Happy When Others Have Problems

When I was a Youth Pastor many years ago I had a family in our youth ministry that didn’t like Paula or myself.   The father and mother opposed most of what we were trying to accomplish with the young people.   … Continue reading

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Kindness is Seen in Our Words

A kind person is known by their words.    There are two ways the speech of a person shows kindness: their choice of words and the tone of voice they use when speaking. When we love someone we are careful about … Continue reading

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Fifty Years of Marriage

My parents were married on December 6, 1956.   We had a reception for them to honor them to honor them on their 50th wedding anniversary in December, 2006.   I’m so glad we were able to do it because my Dad … Continue reading

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Training Your Children

Parenting is a lot of work.   It is not the responsibility of the church, the government or the school to raise our kids.   We can delegate portions of our tasks, but we cannot delegate the responsibility of it to anyone. … Continue reading

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