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Secret of a Strong Marriage

The strength of a structure is determined by it’s foundation.   The higher the structure, the deeper the foundation.    The foundation is hidden and unseen, but it is crucial to the strength and longevity of whatever is built on top of … Continue reading

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Filters for Making Wise Choices

A farmer hired a man to work for him. He told him his first task would be to paint the barn and said it should take him about three days to complete. But the hired man was finished in one … Continue reading

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The Importance of Obedience in Parenting

Have you ever considered in detail the different ways your parents positively influenced your life?    I think it’s a good exercise that encourages us to develop a deeper sense of gratitude for them and to be able to know how … Continue reading

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A Man’s Relationship with God

I became a Christian on February 18, 1968 when I put my faith in Christ and what He had done for me in my place on the cross.   My life changed as much as a nine year old boy could … Continue reading

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Seven Key Influences in the Life of a Child – Discipline

I played all kinds of sports as I came through school – basketball, baseball, wrestling, and football.    I loved learning about the intricacies and strategies of the game, but the best part was the lifetime friendships I made with teammates. … Continue reading

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