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Things that Strengthened Our Marriage – Removing Pressure to Conform to My Schedule

When we had been married just over a year I learned a valuable lesson.   I was working at a church as a Youth Pastor and our home was about fifty yards away from the church.   Both of us were working … Continue reading

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Love Stays the Course Even When It is Difficult

Robertson McQuilkin was the president of Columbia Bible College and enjoyed a very successful and effective ministry.   After being married almost forty years, his wife began to forget things.    Tests were run and it was discovered that she had Alzheimer’s … Continue reading

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Love is Quiet When It Could Hurt Others

There are times that you have been loved and never knew it.   It wasn’t because of what someone did or said, but rather what they didn’t do or say.  Love is not always noticed; in fact, sometimes it is silent.    … Continue reading

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How to Conquer being Easily Provoked

Several years ago I became aware of how petty and impatient I can be.   Most of the time it has to do with people that waste my time.    One day it hit me while waiting in line to pay for … Continue reading

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Regrets from being Easily Provoked

The things I will most regret with my family aren’t the things I have done or not done, but the things I have said.    When we are easily provoked we say and do things we regret later on.    A lack … Continue reading

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Who Aggravates You?

I greatly enjoyed my years in college, but my third year (which was the last year I was in the dorm) was trying.   It wasn’t the classes, they were some of my best.   My challenge was a person.  We had … Continue reading

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Love Tolerates Difficult People

I remember when I first met Paula in September of 1977.   We became friends and I so enjoyed her personality and company.    I knew that I cared deeply for her and it wasn’t long (less than a year) that I … Continue reading

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