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Mistakes I Made in My Marriage – Being Slow to Initiate Reconciliation

I had ordered some material that was important to me and had waited for six weeks for it to arrive.    Finally it came in the mail and I placed it on the piano in the living room to go through … Continue reading

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How to Overcome a Bitter Spirit

How does a person know they are bitter?    Most people do not think they are because they call it other names – disappointed, hurt, unmet expectations.   An operational definition I use for bitterness is “harbored hurt”.   If not dealt with … Continue reading

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Serving Difficult People

One Sunday Paula and I were arriving home from church and not only was I tired, but my mind was full of the events that had happened during the day.    We pulled up in the driveway  and I grabbed my … Continue reading

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Focusing on My Needs Rather than Your Wrongs

A self-righteous person is not a loving person.   Yet, that is the normal attitude in all of our hearts apart from a work of God’s grace in us.    The place where we condemn others and excuse ourselves is in our … Continue reading

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Negative Thinking about People You Love

A person is bitter or happy depending upon what they think about.  Bitter people rehearse resentments; happy people rehearse blessings.    The same is true about love.    The reality and depth of your love is related to your thought life.   The … Continue reading

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Love isn’t Easily Offended

Most of the time when I speak at our church it is after special music by a soloist or a group.   Many years ago someone sang a song that I had never heard before.   I love music and it has … Continue reading

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The Relationship between Pride and Knowledge

One of the greatest hindrances to humility is knowledge.   I am certainly not opposed to education, nor is God, but education without the fear of the Lord only teaches a person to sin more creatively. There is an interesting text … Continue reading

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Broken Over Pride

It is a humbling thing to own up to failure and sin.    Pride resists admitting to wrong-doing.   It defends and excuses it.    When I act from my pride I not only do not love my family or those around me, … Continue reading

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The Difficulty of Dealing with Pride

Pride is so insidious that we don’t even know when we are infected by it.   We can defend and absolve ourselves, but if the symptoms of pride are evident (see previous post) then so is the root.  And the root … Continue reading

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Being Aware of the Presence of Pride

Pride is present in all of us.   It is part of our corrupt nature and the root of all our sin.   This is why love is more than learning “people skill” techniques.   Often these are just means to get your … Continue reading

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