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Friends Serve One Another

One of my fondest memories of friendship came out of a time when Paula and I were hurting the most.   We were at home, both of us recovering from physical setbacks. I had been in the hospital with pneumonia two … Continue reading

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Three Essential Qualities for Advisers

I attended a Christian college and we had chapel services during the week.   Those were great hours when some of America’s greatest preachers and Bible teachers came to speak to us.   Also, announcements were made that pertained to the student … Continue reading

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Bitterness Destroys Friendships

Years ago I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time.    While we were catching up on mutual high school classmates I brought up the name of someone with whom they were very close.    The reply was, “We … Continue reading

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How to Return Home to People You Have Hurt

When returning to a relationship that has been hurt by your sin it is crucial that you do so in a correct manner.    There is much more to it than just saying, “I’m sorry” to those you have disappointed and … Continue reading

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It’s Not Always Easy Coming Home

What is the major reason people cannot go home and enjoy time with their family  during special occasions?   One of the major causes is that of unresolved conflicts.   They can last a lifetime and they don’t just disappear with … Continue reading

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You Can Go Home Again

It is often said – “You can’t go home again”.    The idea is that things will never be the same at the old home place again.   Therefore, it is futile to try and replicate things as you remember them when … Continue reading

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No Regrets

I’ve been writing about what families can do to be close.  Some seem to think that that those that enjoy good relationships in their homes just happened to be lucky.   I believe it is the blessing of God from following … Continue reading

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