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Building Your Children

When I was in the eighth grade my mother asked me to sit down.   I could tell she wanted to have a serious conversation and I thought I was in trouble.   However, she wanted to pass on to me an … Continue reading

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Three Essential Qualities for Advisers

I attended a Christian college and we had chapel services during the week.   Those were great hours when some of America’s greatest preachers and Bible teachers came to speak to us.   Also, announcements were made that pertained to the student … Continue reading

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Love is Kind

Several months ago a professor from my college days passed away.   I never had him for class, but everyone knew him around campus for his smile.   He always had a joyful, cheerful countenance that radiated.   His name was Tommy … Continue reading

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The Power of Patience

Patience is not easy, but it is worthwhile.      One of the values of patience is that it influences others to do right.  People do not change readily and if they will change they need parents, teachers, leaders, and … Continue reading

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Fifty Years of Marriage

My parents were married on December 6, 1956.   We had a reception for them to honor them to honor them on their 50th wedding anniversary in December, 2006.   I’m so glad we were able to do it because my Dad … Continue reading

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Things I Learned from My Mom – The Solution to My Greatest Need

This is without question the most important truth I ever learned from my Mom.   I had heard my pastor and many other preachers say the same thing, but it didn’t hit it’s mark in my heart until Mom said it.  … Continue reading

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Things I Learned from My Mom – Loyalty

I am so blessed to have a mother that takes relationships seriously.   I learned a lot of practical ways to be a friend from watching her life. It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I realized that one … Continue reading

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